Ideal Family Budget: Modern Ways to Save Money and Resources

Every year, utility tariffs are rising, and an increasing number of various gadgets increase electricity consumption. Resources are also not infinite, but with a rational approach, they can be saved. For example, saving 100 watts keeps up to 33 liters of oil, 35 cubic meters of gas or 48 kg of coal. While alternative sources of energy are just beginning to be introduced into everyday use, we suggest that you try 6 ways that will save your money and natural resources today.

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Smart Home System

Automatic control of power consumption will reduce the waste of resources and help save money. Management of electrical equipment, lighting, climate, multimedia systems, video surveillance, access control - all this is possible using one remote control or directly from the phone. The system is adjusted to your needs, taking into account the lifestyle and analyzing the number of resources consumed.

Modular devices, components of the Smart Home system, IP intercoms and video surveillance systems will increase the efficiency of energy consumption, and also allow real-time monitoring of the situation in the home.

Expensive technology

Do not be surprised, but buying expensive equipment will really help you save money. When developing products of a low price segment, manufacturers do not bother about the energy efficiency of devices. But in more expensive analogs, the technology is aimed at improving the level of consumer comfort and environmental protection. So, in addition to the functional characteristics, pay attention to the energy efficiency class. The most economical is indicated by the letter A, and the most expensive one is G. The more the A + signs, the less energy the device consumes and the greater your savings are.

Special equipment

The utility bills include the cost of hot/cold water and sanitation. Water-saving devices allow to reduce the indicators and reduce costs.

Savings nozzles-aerators limit the flow of water from 2 to 6 liters per minute. In this case, you will not notice a decrease in power. The aerator creates an air-enriched mixture, and visually the flow of water increases, and in fact, it is consumed in 2-3 times less. Sensory mixers operate on a different principle: as long as you need water, the tap is turned on; when you begin to brush your teeth - the flow stops. In addition to saving, such a tap is more hygienic than manual analogs and does not require additional efforts.

Standby mode

The technique is always ready to be useful. We are used to the fact that the TV can be turned on with one button, and the sockets in the house are never empty. But when you do not use electronics, it still consumes energy. If you gain the habit of disconnecting the equipment from the outlet, you will save up to 10% of the energy consumed, and also save devices from power surges.